The finest in frozen ready meals, and you can taste them for free!

If you’ve not been to one of our free tasting sessions, you’re missing out!

Every Saturday we open our kitchen to offer a free taste of a selection of our curries and curry sauces.

Each is created with its own secret blend of spices all ground and roasted by us.

Although our spices come from more far away places, all of our meat and vegetables are from local suppliers for a product truly produced in Kent.

We are proud to support local businesses, but we also know by doing so we get the best and the freshest ingredients for our curries.
Vegetables – Walmestone Growers and Rose Farm Shop
Game – Turners Game, Poultry and Meats

This Saturday you can also join us for a free tasting at Whitstable Farmers Market, Oxford Street 9.30am – 2pm. Please see our Farmers Market Event page.

The Chai Stop Kitchen free taster menu

Beef & Apricot – Mild 
A deliciously sweet and rich curry with a hint of Morocco, full of goodness with ground almonds, apricots, cinnamon, paprika and tomatoes.

Venison – Mild/Medium 
This is a wonderfully rich and robust curry cooked with fresh ground fennel seeds, spices, tomatoes, cream and fresh coriander.

Chicken Masala – Mild 
Our version of the Chicken Tikka Masala. Chicken marinated in yoghurt, cream and fresh lime, cooked with tomatoes, pureed cashew nuts and freshly roasted and ground spices.

Butternut Squash, Green Bean & Coconut Curry – Mild (vegan)
A tasty South Indian curry with real depth of flavour, cooked with curry leaves, spices, coconut milk and a dash of lemon juice.

Chickpea Curry – Mild (vegan)
A hearty, satisfying dish, cooked with coconut milk, spices, garlic, ginger and tomatoes.

Vegetable Korma – Mild (vegan)
Seasonal vegetables lightly cooked in a rich, smooth sauce of coconut milk, tomatoes and mild spices.

Tarkha Dhal – Mild (vegan)
Red lentils cooked with a blend of roasted and grounded spices, sesame seeds, garlic and fresh coriander.

Bombay Potatoes – Hot (vegan)
The Chai Stop version of an Indian Classic. Fresh and flavoursome, with red chillies, tomatoes and coriander.

All of our frozen vegetable curries and dhals are just £4.59 per portion! 😋

Made by hand, using locally produced seasonal vegetables 👐
All wheat and gluten free and contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or thickeners 🥦
Just full of flavour and goodness, ready meals at their finest! ⭐️