New this Christmas

Traditional Chai

Pheasant Curry
This Christmas choose something a little different for the dinning table.
In addition to the already hugely popular Goat and Venison Specials we have now added Pheasant curry to the menu for the festive season.
This tasty mild curry is cooked with cranberries & toasted almonds, ginger, garlic, whole and ground spices and fresh coriander.

Chai Tea Blended Spice Mix
Also new for the Christmas period is our very own Chai Tea Blended Spice Mix.
Create a deliciously warming cup of Indian Chai Tea with this hand-picked blend of Chai spices. Each tub contains enough spice for 28 cups.
It’s easy to create a truly authentic, rich, warming cup of Chai Tea. For best results we recommend simmering 250ml of water with one teaspoon of Chai Tea Blended Spice Mix for 5/8 mins, for extra kick you can add fresh ginger. Add a regular tea bag or loose tea and simmer for another 5 mins. Remove from heat, add sugar to bring out the taste in the spices and milk or milk alternative, strain and enjoy.
You can also add a teaspoon to a tea ball and hang in your travel cup along with a tea bag for Chai Tea on the go.
Created for you by The Chai Stop, producers of authentic, award winning curries.