Summer Specials

Our curry pots have been bursting with colour this week, with locally grown, seasonal vegetables and three super popular curries making a return to the Specials Menu –

Aubergine & Cherry Tomato – Mild

The Smoothness of Aubergine with the sweetness of cherry tomatoes make this a winning combination.

(we honestly cant make this one quick enough for demand!)

Feature image – Mediterranean Vegetable – Mild

The taste of summer, Indian Style. Courgettes, sweet red pepper and cherry tomatoes cooked with turmeric, whole spices and fresh coriander.

Chard & Sweet Potato – Mild

Rich and full of flavour, cooked in a wonderful homemade Chai Stop curry paste.

All of our vegan curries and dhals are available from just £4.99 per portion. All hand made, wheat and gluten free, with the freshest veg and best ingredients.

Aubergine & Cherry Tomato and Mediterranean Vegetable are available as a free taster this Saturday at our Kitchen Shop 11am – 3pm.